Sunday, November 23, 2008


We sent a LOI (letter of intent to adopt) to China yesterday! A little girl with the same SN as Mina, and a full year younger. We had really prepared our hearts for an older child, and we were comfortable with that, we were shocked when we saw this baby's sweet face. I was looking forward to being done with diapers and the 18 month old "point and grunt" means of communication. But one look at this child, knowing that we feel comfortable with this rare SN, reading about her little personality - Diapers and sippy cups HERE I COME!!! We are full of hope that we will receive our PA (pre-approval) in the next few weeks so we know we can bring her home. I can't share a photo yet, but she is absolutely, positively the cutest little thing,,, It took one look to know God was getting our hearts ready for this child.


tumbleintodreams said...

Huge Congratulations to you! I remember the excitement I felt when I realized we really were heading back down the paper road to another precious child. Hope your PA comes quickly. I think ours arrived in less than two weeks a couple months ago.

We are not telling our family about the adoption yet. Some health issues are causing stress for my parents and they worry so I'm waiting a while longer. Predictably, they will have concerns, but then they will love completely.
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Mommy said...

Wooohooooo! So stinkin' excited for you.

Truly Blessed! said...

Oh my, how fast things are going for you! What wonderful, happy news (especially at this time of year -- how much you have to be thankful for!).

Can't wait to see that little one's picture!

Oh, and my girls are 11 months to the day apart in age -- they are GREAT friends and it is so much fun to have two little ones growing up together (though I had much more of a space between my #3 and #4 than you do).

Fun, fun, fun!!

Anonymous said...

...So excited for you and your meant to be connection!!!

....Looking forward to hearing about your PA so you can show her off!