Sunday, January 4, 2009

So I don't know why I thought I was good enough to hold down 2 blog's, I can't -I admit it.. before I get too deep I am going to continue to just do my family blog and moving all this info from here to there.  I know it's messy but in my new years vow to simplify things it has to be done....

check it out!


Kennedy said...

Your little daughter is just adorable. What a beautiful little angel.

I hope she comes home soon.

Kennedy-13 yrs old, adopted from China

andrea said...

he is the CUTEST...what a lucky little boy to be a part of your family.
thank you for your post on our blog...that makes my heart so happy that your son said new day was a place the children are taken care of so well...your blog was the very first blog i'd ever seen...and the video of finn OMG tears ran down my face & my daughter natalie's like rain from a thunderstorm...thank you for sharing your adoption journey with all of us...your my HERO!

God bless,